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Racoon On Moon - Originals

Welcome to the moon


Do not undererstimate the powers of the emperor racoons. 

We all know these cute, clumsy clips of racoons munching grapes  or doing somersaults on the lawn. In reality they are far more developed than us. But see for yourself...

This collection features 1500 individual artworks of digitally handpainted racoons visiting the moon. They differ in backgrounds, body colour, eyes, clothes, gloves, boots and headgear. You will soon notice the main colour scheme in apparel: Sapphire_Blue and Pink_Topaz.


This project, besides being cool looking, is meant to promote diversity. In particular it is about TRANS visibility.

I am MTF transgender myself. I outed myself in January 2021 at the age of 30. Being afraid of rejection and not fitting inside society, I hid it from everyone. Sometimes it was easy, other times I felt depressed, didn't know where to put my feelings and just cried.


My male socialization helped me to live an "average" life. I had everything: Good education, a loving girlfriend and rather solid jobs. It could never be enough though. I always knew something was missing. Something the best job or best partner couldn't deliver. It was accepting me as I am, living the way I want and need. 


I am sure there are so many others feeling the same and fighting internally. Nobody should hide from society just to fit in. The more we make diversity visible, the more normal it will become, the easier it will be for everbody to live as themselves and unleash their full potential. Let's celebrate diversity. Let's celebrate life. Let's make this world a peacefuller place.


Owners of artworks recieve an unlocking code for the MEMBERS page (Just text me your Wallet for verification on Twitter or Insta for the code). They get to see development stages with notes and get insights on why I chose which style/apparel and the meaning behind.

They will also learn a lot about me and my story.

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